Iron Gods

Compound interest

The brutal slog through the underground tunnel had worn the party down, so they rested and healed up before entering the Technic League's compound. Rob lead the way into the Technic League's secret entrance. Immediately upon opening the door, Rob accidentally struck a gearsman robot and a fight broke out. Rob tried to open the door harder and knock the robot aside, but lacked the strength. In response, Shecks stepped up with his Ring of the Ram and blasted the door open. Two gearsmen were exposed, and one was swiftly gunned down by laser fire from Ghartok. The surviving gearsman retaliated with a rocket that sent the party diving for cover. However, the robot was no match for the party alone. After its missile was expended, the robot was quickly surrounded and dispatched. The party moved on, leaving the shattered robots behind them to herald the beginning of their showdown with the League.

The party headed down a hallway. Rob was scouting ahead and spotted a seven foot tall demonic creature dripping with tar in the next room. A pair of short swords were in the creature's hands, and a maw filled with sharp teeth grinned a promise of imminent mayhem. Rob ducked back around the corner and Shecks tossed an animal from his bag of tricks to cover him. This time, the result was a savage rhinoceros. The rhino stood little chance against the monster, but it bought a few seconds. Elron went to the front and cast Mirror Image on himself, while Shecks provided Enlarge Person. Almost as soon as the rhino was defeated and vanished back to the Bag of Tricks, another of the monsters attacked Elron while the first dispelled his mirror images. Elron was hard-pressed to hold his own against the attackers, even with Rob healing him, Ghartok's covering fire, and Shecks weighing one of the creatures down by sticking a horde of mad monkeys to its tarry hide. Elron's axe brought down one of the creatures, while Ghartok's gun crippled the other and left it easy prey for Shecks' Magic Missile wand. Elron breathed a sigh of relief for a precious second before a third creature walked in and cut him down while he was weakened. Thankfully, this last creature didn't last long before it tried to cast a spell and Rob used the opportunity to slice its head neatly off its shoulders with his deadly knives.

After healing, the party avoided combat for a time and scouted out the League's compound. They discovered the geothermal power plant that ran the entire structure. Immense heat filled the air of that room, but thankfully Elron was immune to the effects thanks to his supernatural heritage. The party considered destroying the power plant, but decided against it since it would preclude any further stealth tactics. After that, the party mostly took notes on gearsman patrol routes around the compound and looked around a set of structures that seemed to be silos.

The party then resumed their attack by going straight for the League's main headquarters. They opened up a large door on the side, revealing a laboratory. The first thing the party noticed about this room was one of the Technic League's powerful captains currently visiting the chamber, alongside four battlemages and four gearsmen. Guns, swords, and magic snapped to attention and the battle was on.



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