Iron Gods

King of the silver hill

Silence filled the smoking aftermath as the Technic League leader, Ozmyn Zaidow, teleported out of the room. The party knew this would only be a brief reprieve before Ozmyn returned for round two. Sure enough, after a quick round of healing and buffing, flames exploded through the door as Ozmyn returned. Ozmyn had healed up and turned himself invisible, but Elron's supernatural senses allowed the dragon disciple to tag him with magic missiles just before Shecks fully revealed him with glitterdust. Surrounded by mirror images and still sparkling, Ozmyn stepped through the door. Rob stepped up, knives raised in one final gesture of defiance. A flicker of worry passed over Ozmyn's face as Rob's deadly knife hissed through the air. That worry was replaced in moments by a scorn as the knife passed harmlessly through one of the mirror images. With a sneer, Ozmyn lashed out with his glowing construct-bane sword and impaled Rob. Blasts of lightning from Ozmyn's magic and the sword itself rang out, and the semiheroic knife-wielding android prostitute was no more. Ghartok shouted out in anger (and perhaps a bit of annoyance) as Rob fell to the floor with a muted thud. The gnoll tried to shoot him, but his double pistol exploded in his hands from an unfornuate misfire, leaving it inoperable for the moment.

Immediately after Rob died, Shecks released a burst of healing magic and dispelled Ozmyn's mirror images. Elron took the opportunity to get in close. This allowed Ozmyn to land a major wound on Elron, but also let Elron knock Ozmyn's sword from his hands with a resounding axe blow. Before Ozmyn could retrieve it, Shecks darted in and pocketed the sword in a Handy Haversack. Not to be deterred, Ozmyn reached back and drew an arc cannon from his back. The weapon's spun with a ferocious buzzing noise as he sprayed lightning at his opponents. Denied his pistol, Ghartok hopped out of the line of fire and also drew a new weapon, one that had been saved from the neh-thalggu corpse-ship. The fleshnet cannon made a wet slurping noise and convulsed before expelling a glob of flesh that rapidly expanded into an organic net. The "gun" then shriveled up and died.

Ozmyn was entangled and his arc cannon was silenced as the slave-net did its best to crush and drug him into submission. Shecks approached and attempted to finish the conflict with a Dominate Person spell. Ozmyn was able to resist the bard's will-breaking ridicule, however, and escaped through a dimension door. The net fell empty to the ground, looking like a mat of writhing intestines.

Ozmyn did not return to face the party again.

After Ozmyn's retreat and the healing of Kevoth-Kul, the Technic League had all but lost the battle. The remaining captains would be hard-pressed to maintain control of the capital without their leader. First, however, there was the matter of the party's fallen ally to attend to. The party considered giving Rob's empty husk a proper burial, but then remembered that they had been needing a robot body for Casandralee for a while. They had captured a Gearsman earlier, but Rob's body was significantly stronger. Casandralee's AI was uploaded into Rob, and for the first time in ages the ancient android was restored to physical form.

The party needed to enter Silver Mount to confront the AI god Unity, but first they chose to join in on the hunt for the Technic League's remaining captains. Entering the lower levels of the League headquarters, the party found one. Gryne Rasik was a Technic League witch, currently engaged in vivisecting and experimenting on a man who could by now only be nominally called alive. With her were three kyton "torture-devils". The party charged in, but the kytons were the first to strike. Two lashed out with spiked chains, wounding Elron and missing Ghartok. The remaining kyton broke the piercings sealing its mouth and unleashed a scream that brought madness and literal darkness to the room. Only Ghartok was unable to resist the mental effects, becoming confused and spending most of the battle striking himself in the head with his laser pistol. Shecks raised a sunrod right away, dispelling the darkness and revealing the cackling witch as she brought misfortune on all around her and cast Feeblemind on Shecks. This spell surpressed most of Sheck's mental capacity, leaving him with little more than a cow's mind. In a lucid moment, Ghartok was able to fire an intimidating shot into the air. Somehow this actually panicked two of the kytons, sending them fleeing in fear to the other side of the room. One still stood against the party, but his bravery was merely rewarded with being the first to die under Elron's axe. Despite the effects of the Feeblemind, Shecks was still able to throw the ball he had drawn from his bag of tricks, summoning a tiger. Between the tiger, Casandralee, and Elron, the witch did not last long alone. After Casandralee struck down Rasik, the party easily finished off the cowering kytons.



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