Iron Gods

Level One:The Shuttle Bay

After some time spent recharging batteries, the party continued their explorations into Silver Mount. They were more cautious this time, having learned from their near-destruction by Unity and its cameras earlier. The first creature the party encountered this time was a massive ball of oozing heat called a plasma ooze in a room full of glass cylinders. The creature lurched toward the party with the intent of enveloping and melting them all. Ghartok struck first, blasting it with laser fire. Oddly enough, the ooze was not itself immune to heat damage. Elron followed up with a blast of firebreath and Shecks began to inspire the party. The ooze fired beams of plasma and released waves of magnetism that pulled Elron into itself briefly before the dragon disciple used the Freedom shirt that Shecks gave him to escape. The tiger Luna slashed at the ooze with her claws, but this only caused the ooze to split into two smaller monsters. Luna then prevented anyone else from getting pulled inside by summoning up a wall of light between it and the party. One half tried to squeeze through a gap in the wall, but it was too late. The party swiftly destroyed the trapped ooze and moved on.

After traveling through laboratories dedicated to robotics and alloy testing, the party found themselves in a shuttle bay. It was not clear at the time, but this room was meant for Unity's escape plan. In the event that the nascent AI deity lost control of Silver Mount, Unity could possess the nearest robot body and fly the shuttle to safety. The party began to loot the area when they were attacked by two horrific monstrosities called warsworn. These were blobbish masses of weapons, armor, and corpses made from amalgams of battlefield corpses. The powerful auras of fear spilling off them canceled out Shecks' inspiring mockery for most of the party. However, as frightening as the creatures were, they were unable to last long against a concentrated attack from the party. All they managed to do was drain a small part of Elron's life force before sliced apart and shot to death. The party left the corpse-heaps behind and began to investigate the shuttle for a brief moment before a metallic voice rang out and told the party to surrender to Unity.

This time, the party faced far worse opposition than the warsworn had offered. The one who spoke was Unity's overlord robot. A halo of spikes and iron surrounded its head, and two of its four arms carried a blaster rifle and a mace. Four spidery legs carried it along the ground from underneath a body shaped like a metallic suggestion of a cleric's robe. A burning red eye in the center of its head judged the party harshly. This was Unity's personal avatar, although it was currently piloted by another AI assigned to guard the shuttle. Even this lesser AI still had Mythic powers, of a kind not seen by the world at large since the final Worldwound crusade.

This robot alone held the power to depopulate cities, yet it was not alone. With it were six robots built in imitation of angels and a pair of the massive scorpion robots Numeria was infamous for.  Together, the robots demanded that the party stand down and join Unity. Shecks tried to bluff them into dropping their guard, but the overlord saw through his trick. The robots raised their weapons and opened fire. The overlord and one of the scorpion robots blasted El. Luckily, a brief glitch in the scorpion's weapon systems spared Elron from taking four more hits before he could move. The other scorpion fired on Ghartok, while the angel-robots flew in to surround and attack the party.

Ghartok opened fire on the overlord, tagging him again and again with laser shots. The overlord was damaged by the barrage, but not destroyed. With the combination of the overlord's resilience and the still-undamaged robots all around, the party realized that they needed to flee. Shecks cast Bard's Escape and teleported the party out of the room before the overlord could slay them.

The party was not beaten yet, however. This time, the party took a moment to prepare. Shecks cast Greater Invisibility on everyone, Luna gave out healing and blessed everyone with greater speed, and Elron cast his collection of defensive spells. Elron also became a dragon, in order to carry the party back in. Their plan was to simply blitz the overlord while invisible. Even if the robots could detect invisible foes, their lasers would be useless against them. Given the damage that had been delivered in the brief battle earlier, the party reasoned that it might be possible to drop the overlord before he could do much. Elron's Medium-sized but powerful draconic form picked everyone up (along with one of the animals from Sheck's bag of tricks) and flew back into the room as quickly as possible. The overlord spotted the party coming in, but none of his guards were able to do so. The overlord released a blast of force from his eye, trapping everyone but Ghartok in force spheres. The overlord then tried to shoot Ghartok. Just as planned, the overlord's lasers passed harmlessly through the invisible gnoll as he clung desperately to Elron's forcefield. Elron broke free a moment later, grabbing up Ghartok and flying him into position. Ghartok opened fire, but the overlord survived the attack yet again. Shecks and Luna then freed themselves with magic, and Luna immediately released her tiger. The cat bravely charged the overlord and lunged against it. A last, brutal exchange took place as Ghartok poured on laser fire while the overlord brutalized the tiger with blows fueled by mythic power. When the smoke finally cleared, the overlord was reduced to smoking rubble while the tiger lay unconscious and on the verge of death.

Thankfully, the other robots were tied to their overlord. When it collapsed, so did they. This allowed Luna to get in and save her pet before her injuries could claim her.



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