Iron Gods

Silver Mount

After the defeat of the Technic League, the death of Robert, and the resurrection of Casandralee, the party took some time to recuperate. During this time, Luna caught up to the party and rejoined them. Casandralee continued to accompany the party, but she encountered some difficulties with her new body and elected to usually not participate in combat. She did expand on the threat posed by Unity, revealing stopping the AI's ascent to godhood would likely require entering his lair, finding his central computer core, and then defeating him on his own computerized grounds.

After healing up and getting Sheck's Feeblemind curse removed, the party went to the entrance to Silver Mount. This was the largest fragment of the Divinity, the ancient starship that was the ultimate source of all Numeria's strange technology. The entrance was unguarded thanks to the chaos of the League's defeat. Nevertheless, the party entered cautiously. They located some new technological toys in the nearby crates after Shecks threw out a rhinoceros from his bag of tricks to spring any ambushes or hidden traps. With that done, Shecks clambered onto rhinoceros back and the party took their first steps into the last chapter of their adventure.

Very soon after entering, the party found themselves in a large chamber. An inactive power generator lurked in the shadows, guarded by a scorpion-shaped annihilator robot. It challenged the party in Androffan, demanding to know their business aboard the Divinity. No answer the party could give would satisfy it, and the inevitable battle quickly broke out. Ghartok bounced a few lasers off the robot's hull, and it in turn fired at Elron. Shecks stepped up with an impossibly funny insult, causing the robot to collapse in monotone laughter. The robot quickly recovered, but it was barely able to right itself before Elron and the Lunas took the chance to tear it to shreds.

There seemed to be no means or reasons to activate the generator from here, so the party moved on for now. Their next discovery was an observation deck that overlooked a cavernous room. A floating structure dominated the chamber, and drips of water fell from the ceiling into the seemingly bottomless pit below. There were many buttons and switches in this room, and the siren call of their glowing panels almost seemed to call out for Luna to save them from their tragically unpressed state. Elron quickly whirled around to stop her, but was too late to prevent her from hitting a few. 

Thankfully, nothing much apparently happened this time.

The party went down more hallways until they came across the corpse of a partially eaten giant. Two more burst from the shadows, waving clubs and furiously declaring that "We no go back!". Unexpectedly, Shecks was able to talk them down and learn about the situation. The giants were slaves of the Technic League, and had been stranded inside Silver Mount for some time. It seemed that a conflict had been ongoing between Unity and the Technic League. As they had been unable to escape, the giants had been forced to kill and eat the weakest member of their squad. The party escorted them out and then returned to their explorations.

After dealing with the giants, the party noticed another set of rooms high above them. Elron had not used it before, but his draconic bloodline and power gave him the ability to transform into a relatively small dragon. With his help, the party was able to ascend to the new floor. While they were flying up, a tribe of humanoid aliens with antennae on their foreheads entered the room below. Each was mounted on a Triceratops and carrying a lance. Shecks decided to test their hostility by throwing down another animal from the Bag of Tricks. It was again a rhino. The aliens were not initially hostile, but then Shecks ordered the rhinoceros to attack to see what the aliens would do. The rhino was near-immediately dissipated by a trio of lance charges wielded from dinosaur back after failing to hit one of the alien "knights".

Elron landed the party on a monorail track. The party advanced down the track on foot, until coming to a ledge. A quick flight got the party up on the ledge, revealing a heavily secured checkpoint. Several undead gunslingers called pale strangers and armed with laser pistols stood watch here, and automated turrets hung from the ceiling.

Luna began the fight by conjuring a moving pit, sliding it across the floor to capture all but one of the pale strangers. Shecks also tossed out a wolverine that soon ended up in the pit with the undead creatures. It did not survive long, but even the undead felt something like terror when trapped in a small pit with an enraged wolverine. The last pale stranger was only outside the pit just long enough for Ghartok to unleash a flurry of laser bolts into it. Barrages like that had been enough to bring down most of the party's enemies. In this case however, it wasn't enough. The pale stranger survived, albeit heavily wounded. The creature grinned evilly and raised its laser pistols for a brief moment before Luna moved the pit again and captured it.

At this point, Unity finally reacted to the intrusion. The AI used the turrets as a proxy to cast spells and lead by dominating Ghartok. Shecks immediately noticed his friend succumb to the mind control and responded with an unconventional counter. Shecks simply dominated Ghartok himself and ordered him to ignore Unity's orders. This inadvertently caused Shecks to enter a mental contest with Unity, testing the strength of his charisma against that of the nascent deity. Perhaps surprisingly, or not surprisingly at all, Shecks' personality overpowered Unity's and effectively freed Ghartok. The annoyed and embarrassed AI responded by blasting the party with a deadly meteor swarm. The single blast broke the party's advance, forcing them to attempt an escape. Ghartok went for a hallway forward, but that way was guarded by yet another turret. Fortunately, Shecks had recently learned a bardic escape spell. The party quickly gathered together before Unity could target another spell and teleported back to the monorail station.

After some minutes spent on recovery and healing, the party resolved to explore the lower sections for now. At least until they could find a way to reliably defeat the turrets. Two more turrets blocked another hallway, but Luna was able to block these with her wall of force. With her rainbow blocking most of Unity's most dangerous spells, the gnoll was able to easily destroy the turrets with laser fire. Beyond them was a pair of Technic League guards. Shecks bluffed them out of the way, learning a bit more about the League/Unity conflict in the process. The Technic League troops had been watching out for their leader, Cylia Dessalis. Cylia was a League officer, armed with a powerful laser weapon, cybernetic augmentations, and an ash giant slave. Even with all this, even she had been reduced to desperate fear by Unity's defenses. Cylia quickly made a deal with the party, handing over all her technology in exchange for passage out of Silver Mount. The party agreed and lead her out. Just before leaving, Cylia used a key she had acquired to activate the generator and an attached elevator for the party. With that done, Cylia left Silver Mount and fled into the city.

Shecks and Ghartok were particularly tempted to shoot her in the back as she left, but ultimately thought better of it.

Once that was done, the party discovered an extremely valuable fabrication chamber that would allow for the party to create technology on demand. They made a note of that for later and returned to the room with the floating structure over the vast chasm.  Once there, Shecks and Elron became curious about how deep the pit actually was and flew down to investigate. Long seconds passed as they reached the bottom 400 feet below. The bottom of the pit was less interesting than they had expected. It was a featureless hole in the ground, completely empty aside from a few rocks and lights they had thrown in earlier to test the depth. After that, the party regrouped and used a generator on the floating structure to recharge the many empty batteries they had collected. Shecks gave Luna a summoned wolf and a glitterdusted wall to play with and began insulting a house into being with his magical loudspeaker as Ghartok and Elron went through the tedious process of recharging the batteries. 



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