Iron Gods

Storming the castle

As the door to the Technic League HQ slid open, the party stood arrayed against a Technic League captain and her personal guards. And then the door automatically slid closed again, so both factions had to wait impatiently for it to reopen before the fight could really begin. Shecks was the first to move, starting and effectively ending the fight with his first spell, Crime Wave. The bardic magic overtook all the combatants, turning the hardened Technic League killers and their robotic allies into a disorganized mob of mutual violence and petty crime. Ghartok's laser fire sizzled through the captain, and then all that was left was the mop up. Two of the battlemages resisted the effects of Sheck's spell, but only survived a few seconds before falling alongside their companions.

After looting the bodies, the party took a nearby elevator to the upper levels of the tower, leaving some alternate paths for later. At the top was a room filled with dormant robots. When the party entered, a pair of myrmidon robots attacked. These machines floated in the air, jetpacks compensating for their lack of legs. Their hands were clamps, and their single red eye could fire lasers. Finally, a pair of quantum whips extended from their faces like tentacles. The myrmidons began the fight by focusing all their firepower on Ghartok upon sighting his advanced pistol. The gnoll was badly hurt, but not slain. Rob and Elron charged forward with their axe and knives held high. Despite their efforts, the myrmidons' invisible force fields limited the damage that could be done to them. Shecks put a curse of disgust on one of the robots. The curse caused it to be so sickened by the sight of aasimars that Elron's presence compelled the robot to leave the room. When it opened the door, two gearsman guards were revealed and joined the battle. Ghartok fired at the other myrmidon, pieces flying off as the lasers passed unimpeded through the transparent force field. Ghartok was very nearly slain by the remaining myrmidon, but Shecks healed him at the last second while Elron and Rob held off the robots. After being healed, Ghartok was able to quickly finish off the myrmidon. While the rest of the party fought the gearsmen, Rob decided to run off and fight the other myrmidon alone for some reason. Thankfully, the rest of the party was able to deal with the gearsmen and quickly destroy the myrmidon at the last moment before it could finish off Rob.

The party moved on from the smoking heaps of ruined machines. If he still lived, Morgrym would probably have been furious to see such a waste of precious skymetal. The next rooms were a collection of personal chambers. These were the personal rooms of the Technic League captains. The chaos in the city had forced them all into action elsewhere, but the various personal touches of the captains spoke to their presence here for a few moments before anything of value was scooped into bags of holding. As the party moved through the personal quarters and military lab, they had some mostly unremarkable battles with gearsmen. One of the gearsmen was captured intact to potentially serve as a host for Casandralee.

The next room of note had a icy wind pressing through the door even before it was open. It was near the top of the tower, with a spiral staircase moving past it to the final rooms above. The party gathered around the door, and Shecks tossed a furball from his bag of tricks through the door like a grenade. In this case, the resulting animal was a wolf. No sounds of violence went off as a result, no explosion and yelp to mark an enemy or a trap. Instead, the wolf just growled contently as a familiar voice spoke indistinctly from within. The party entered the room and found themselves in the icy sanctum of Zernebeth, a White Witch from the snowy land of Irrisen who had once been the ruler of the Technic League. Shecks and Rob quickly recognized her voice from the many fights they had had over the radio she had given them. Zernebeth spoke to the party for some time, explaining her motives and "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" attitude toward the party. She hoped that they would kill Ozmyn Zaidow, the current ruler of the Technic League who had ousted her. She promised them assistance with other tasks in exchange. The party agreed to tolerate her for the moment and went upstairs to battle Ozmyn.

Much planning and buffing took place, and then Rob was sent in first. With gaseous form, invisibility, and his natural skill with stealth, he was expected to open the door from inside and potentially assassinate Ozmyn. It's said that no plan survives contact with the enemy. As soon as Rob entered the room, three gearsmen burst through the door. Shecks' summoned bear was right on the other side. It didn't last long, but it at least took a rocket from the gearsmen that would otherwise have hit one of the party. A burst of lightning followed the rocket, scorching the party and the Ozmyn's own robots alike. Ghartok blew apart a gearsman that was blocking Elron. The dragon disciple took a flying leap over the machine almost before it hit the floor and breathed fire against its allies. The flames came dangerously close to the invisible Rob, but he simply ducked behind a gearsman for cover until they passed and then crippled it with sneak attacks.

From his invisible perch in the air, Ozmyn blasted the party with glitterdust that blinded Ghartok and Shecks. Elron's mirror images took some blows from the surviving robots while he used his draconic senses to locate Ozymyn in midair and turned his firebreath against him. While Shecks and Ghartok recovered from the glitterdust, Ozmyn swooped down with an electrically charged blade and dropped Rob with a flurry of shocks and stabs from above. The robots tried to keep Elron from getting involved, buying a few crucial seconds before Elron and Ghartok dismantled them. Ozmyn threw out bouncing lightning orbs as Shecks healed Rob and rendered him invisible. The lightning dropped Shecks, but then Elron finally got his hands on Ozmyn. Ghartok pulled Shecks out of the lightning and drew his double-barrled pistol as Rob picked himself up and readied his knives. Elron got Ozmyn into a pin, and all hope seemed to be lost for the Technic League as Ghartok lowered his gun. However, in a stroke of incredible luck, Ozmyn's still-invisible struggling allowed him to dodge all four of the bullets and bought him just enough to time to teleport away and regroup, ending the battle for the moment with a Pyrrhic victory for the tattered party.



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