Iron Gods

The Black Sovereign

The time had come to free the Black Sovereign, Kevoth-Kul, from the Technic League's grip. For their first step, the party sold off Tek Makul's dermal armor to buy a collection of Heal scrolls. These would be crucial to curing the king of his drug addiction that the League used to control him.

At this point, Elron came up with an ingenious scheme to get close to the king. Even in his current near-feral state, Kevoth-Kul was famous for his love of dogs. After the party cut him off from his drug supply, Kevoth-Kul spent most of time wandering the palace with a pack of dogs. His guards would follow him around, struggling to keep up. Elron's idea was for the party to disguise themselves as wandering healers and offer to help with the dogs. Elron and Rob simply used mundane disguises, while Shecks and Gharotk used magical hats to temporarily appear to be human. Elron took the role of the leader, Shecks and Rob played assistants, and Ghartok was simply made invisible and held back as backup.

With the help of the Queen-consort, the party got their appointment with the king's dogs. As it happened, one of them was on the verge of giving birth to puppies. When the party approached, Shecks decided that the party needed to have a dog with them to boost their cover story. The party considered having Ghartok strip naked and walk on all fours, but rejected the idea when he pointed out his humanlike hands. Shecks ultimately used his magical bag of tricks to try and summon a wolf. The idea only had a 25% chance of working, but Shecks was unexpectedly able to draw the correct animal on his second try.

The party took up their places in the kennels. Elron and Shecks generally pretended to know what they were doing for the guard's benefit in the few minutes before Kevoth-Kul arrived to see the new pups. The king stumbled into the room, grimacing through the effects of his withdrawal. Accompanying him were two gearsmen robots and a squad of barbarian bodyguards. Rob quickly began to approach, holding one of the Heal scrolls and bluffing that it was a normal medical form. The odds were stacked against him. Rob's emotionless mind wasn't very well suited to telling convincing lies, actually using the scroll required a great deal of skill, and finally he had to get past the magical defenses of a king. Rob passed all of these obstacles with flying colors with the help of a surge from his nanobots. Rob cast the spell and touched Kevoth-Kul with the spell before anyone could stop him. Kevoth-Kul silently sank to his knees. Since it looked like Rob had just attacked the king, his guards raised their weapons and a fight broke out. Elron and Rob briefly skirmished with the two robots, but then the king rose back up. The king cut one gearsman in half with a single stroke before hurling his axe into the other one, pinning it to the wall. The other barbarians were jubilant at the sight of their Sovereign returning to his old self and quickly tore the remaining gearsman to shreds.

From there, the palace erupted with violence and celebration as the reborn king cleaned house. Kevoth-Kul, his barbarian hordes, and the party swept through the palace and drove out all remaining League forces and their robots. The revolt then spread into the city, forcing the League to spread out their resources and fight to maintain their grip. As the Mockery had predicted, this left their main compound relatively weak. After decades tyranny, the Technic League was finally vulnerable.

Before the party could launch their raid, Kevoth-Kul called a banquet in their honor. The party feasted and rested before heading into their last battle with the League. Since they wouldn't necessarily be enemies anymore, Shecks checked to see what had happened to those two giants he dominated. Unfortunately, they had both been executed and dumped outside when a Technic League officer needed to use the door and decided that his guard's ammo was worth less than the bit of his time required to cast Dispel and free them. The party also received another call from their contact, and promptly ignored almost everything of substance from her. As is tradition.

The next day, the party headed into the palace basement. According to the information the party had received, the Technic League had a secret tunnel connecting their compound to the basement. Using it against them would be helpful to a surprise attack. The basement had not been used in a long time. The artwork of ancient cults lined the walls.

Shecks had just persuaded Rob to hand over a new bag of tricks the party "found" in the basement when they came across a room inhabited by four leukodaemons. These creatures were extremely tall and thin, and overshadowed by their black wings. Their faces were covered by horse skulls, and they carried bows with diseased arrows. The party had fought one such creature before, in the Choking Tower. Immediately upon sighting the party, the daemons began shooting and released swarms of flies. Shecks blew away the flies with a gust of wind and Rob charged forward to stab the closest daemon. It responded with a brutal Harm spell. With that, it left Rob dying and unconscious with a single touch. This fight was clearly going to be more difficult than expected. Ghartok shot and killed the daemon responsible, but then the remaining three teleported amongst the party. This allowed them to flank the party and broke their lines. Elron cast Mirror Images while Shecks and Ghartok attempted to retreat to a safe distance for ranged combat. Ghartok fired again, but a leukodaemon dropped him with another Harm spell before he could bring down any others. Each daemon could only cast that once a day, but it was enough. Elron nearly took a Harm as well, but his mirror images saved him from the effects. Shecks dodged a bowshot and turned invisible. Once out of sight, the gnomish prankster began insulting Elron to get him to do better. Shecks also rescued Ghartok by turning him invisible.

Elron fought alone against the three daemons. He slew one and wounded another, but the daemons clearly had the upper hand and his defenses were rapidly crumbling. Shecks had to step in and save him with an invisibility spell. Elron picked up Ghartok and took the opportunity to escape. The daemons exalted in their victory, although now they only knew where Rob was. The surviving pair of daemons took Rob captive and brought him to an altar, where they stripped away his gear and clothing in preparation for a sacrifice. Shecks waited for a moment in which the daemons were distracted before making his move. Drawing temporary strength from his Ring of the Ram, Shecks turned Rob invisible, dragged him away from the altar, and revived him. The daemons quickly noticed that their sacrifice was missing. Rob attempted to slip away, but the daemons turned out to have excellent hearing. The chase was on. Rob desperately attempted to find a opportunity to hide in the basement. Given that he was naked and alone while being pursued by demons, Rob wisely decided that nothing worse was likely to happen that day and used his daily nanobot surge. It didn't help against the daemon's excellent senses, but it still made sense to try. Rob eventually escaped the basement, narrowly avoiding the daemon's parting shots.

The pair of daemons returned to their chamber. Shecks had just finished stuffing all of Rob's gear into the portable hole. Just before he escaped with a gaseous form potion, Shecks witnessed the daemons summoning two more of their kind to replenish their numbers.

Addendum:Shortly after Kevoth-Kul was freed of his enslavement, Ghartok used his actual medical knowledge to help the dog successfully deliver her litter of puppies. One of them was born with two tails, which the barbarians took as a good omen.



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