Iron Gods

The leukodaemon rematch

After their defeat at the hands of the four leukodaemons, the party healed up and prepared for round two. The pack of leukodaemons had beaten the party before, so this time the party was unwilling to take any chances with them. They didn't rest however, to deny the daemons the chance to recharge their foul magic. Shecks turned his allies invisible, and then everyone else equipped a rocket launcher each before the group moved in on the daemon's room. As soon as the party saw the whites of the daemons' eyes under their horse-skull masks, the party buried them in shrapnel and flame. The daemons unnatural durability allowed them to survive the assault and retaliate by summoning swarms of diseased flies, but Shecks repeatedly dispersed the swarms with gusts of wind. This allowed Rob and Ghartok to get in close and finish off the monsters. Elron charged himself up with defensive magics, but the fight was ended too quickly for him to use them.

The rocket launchers were put away, and then the party moved in on the next room of the tunnels beneath Kevoth-Kul's palace. Two more leukodaemons were behind this door, and these hadn't been worn down by the earlier fight. A daemon teleported forward and lashed out at Rob with a Harm spell. Rob narrowly avoided the attack thanks to the magic ring that Shecks had made for him. The ring wasn't able to protect him from the other daemon's arrow, however. Rob slashed at his tormentor with his deadly knives and backed away. Ghartok followed him up with a few shots. Elron charged in as well, putting his newly forged orcish battleaxe to work. Rob was nearly slain in the battle as the daemons focused their attacks on him. Shecks used a new spell to summon an illusory doppleganger of himself to maintain his bardic performance and then released smoke from a magic bottle to conceal Rob from the arrows of the daemons. Badly wounded, Rob used the opportunity to escape the battle and hide in the hallway the party had come from.

Back at the battle, Shecks threw a swarm of mad monkeys at the daemons as his copy insulted everyone. Elron then immediately fried the monkeys and burnt the daemons with his firebreath. This made Shecks a little sad. One of the daemons decided to teleport to the other end of the fog. Coincidentally, it happened to land right next to where Rob was hiding. Rob leapt up and fled back to the party, narrowly dodging the daemon's arrows. The smoke was now interfering with both sides, and the party decided to regroup. Shecks caught Rob on the way back, and worked on healing him while also using his bag of tricks to call up a lion. The lion was obviously outmatched, but it managed to help with flanking as Elron duelled a daemon. Ghartok also contributed to gunfire to that battle. The daemon tried hitting Elron with the strongest necromancy it had, but it wasn't enough to bring him down. Elron struck down his foe, and Ghartok gunned down Rob's pursuer when it chased after the android.

Silence fell over the room as the remaining smoke and flies filled the air.



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